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  1. How far will you deliver my wrapped gifts?

    We will pick up and deliver up your wrapped gifts within a 5-mile radius from downtown Pueblo at no extra charge. ($20.00 Flat Fee Added For 5+ Mile Delivery)

  2. What is included with the gift wrapping for my product?

    Our gift wrapping services offer competitive pricing, high-quality gift wrap, bow or ribbon, and gift tag. (Boxes are available for $1.00)

  3. How do I know if my products will be taken care of?

    Our mission is simply to assist families with the task of gift wrapping during the time of need while ensuring that all products/gifts are taken care of and handled with extreme care.

  4. Will you deliver to my work?

    Yes, we deliver to the location that you choose and offer free delivery within a 5-mile radius from downtown Pueblo.

  5. When can I expect to have my wrapped gifts delivered?

    We offer next day service. Same day service is available for $25.00. (Gifts pricing excluded)

  6. Are discounts rewarded for bulk purchases?

    Of course! We offer various bulk packages including Holiday specials. View our pricing for additional info.

  7. What kind of payment do you accept?

    We accept Credit/Debit Card/Cash and provide receipts with all gift purchases. We do not accept checks of any sort.

  8. Do you wrap gifts and deliver gifts on Christmas Eve / Christmas?

    Yes. All orders taken on holidays will be treated as custom orders. ($50.00 Flat Fee Added)

  9. How much does gift wrapping services cost?

    We offer various pricing depending on the order. Prices starting at $4.00. View our pricing for additional info.

  10. Can I personalize my order?

    Yes, you can provide a custom message to the recipient as well as provide your own custom wrap that you would like to have used for the gifts.

  11. Can I return gift wrapping/packing?

    No. All sales are final

  12. How do I know if my product is eligible for gift wrapping services?

    Please reference our sizing chart to determine if your gift is eligible for gift wrapping. View size chart here.

  13. Will all of my wrapped gifts look the same?

    No. All gifts will be delivered with a variety of high-quality wrap.

  14. Am I able to have more than one wrapped gift delivered?

    Yes. If you would like to have multiple gifts delivered to a family member or friend, we can add additional delivery locations to the order ($10.00 Added Per Extra Location)